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Coses destacables d'aquest any.

Característica més adoptada

Atorgat a la característica amb la progressió més gran d'"haver estat usada" any rere any.
With a +26.4% progression in 2022, top-level await has quickly become an integral part of JavaScript.

Tecnologia més adoptada

Atorgat a la tecnologia amb la progressió més gran de "ho tornaria a usar" any rere any.
Vite is barely two years old, but with a +18.8% progression over the last year it's already gaining ground.


2. Vitest: +11.1%
3. pnpm: +8.4%

Satisfacció més alta

Atorgat a la tecnologia amb el percentatge més alt d'usuaris satisfets.
Vite takes the top spot with a sky-high 98% retention ratio!


2. Vitest: 97%

Interès més alt

Atorgat a la tecnologia que més interès desperta per ser apresa un cop se'n té el coneixement.
With a 81% interest ratio, Vite once again wins the gold!


2. Turbopack: 80%
3. Turborepo: 77%

Major respostes escrites

Atorgat a l'element amb el major nombre de respostes escrites
Many questions also accepted write-in answers, and with 402 mentions Astro was the most popular item overall.


Most Commented Feature

Awarded to the feature which received the most comments.
With 102 comments, no other feature even came close to generating as much feedback as Private Fields.


2. Proxis: 71

Most Commented Library

Awarded to the library which received the most comments.
With 66 comments, React showed that it's still the most-discussed library around.


2. Angular: 47
3. Storybook: 42

Recursos recomanats

Road to React
Robin Wieruch

Road to React

The Road to React is used by universities, bootcamps and self-taught developers to learn about React.js. With its annual editions since 2017, it is the most read React book with 75.000+ readers. While each chapter teaches a new fundamental lesson, students learn how to create a React project from the zero to production.
Gràcies als nostres socis per donar-nos suport! Més informació.