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After years of relative stability, many are now beginning to question the status quo.

New front-end frameworks like Solid and Qwik are suggesting that React might not have all the answers after all, and on the server Astro, Remix and Next.js (among others) are making us reconsider how much code we really need to ship to the client.

We'll need all the data we can get if we want to make sense of all this, and in fact this year's survey received a massive 39,472 responses, almost double last year's amount!

Because of this newly expanded audience you might notice some unexpected results, such as some features going down year-over-year in terms of awareness or usage.

But having more data can potentially mean new insights, and that's why we've developed two new ways to interact with our dataset: the Data Explorer lets you cross-reference two variables and highlight any outlying results; while Chart Filters let you filter specific charts by salary, country, gender, and many other demographic variables.

We've also replaced our catch-all "back-end" category with a more specific Rendering Frameworks page and added a new Video Creators list to the Resources section.

Finally, Features and Libraries questions also now have a Comments popup that lets you see what people actually think of the items mentioned in the survey!

With all this out of the way, let's discover what JavaScript has been up to in 2022!

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