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Sarah Drasner

Sarah Drasner

Director of Engineering and Web Infrastructure, Google

JavaScript and TypeScript are more vibrant than ever.

We saw a continuation of performance-lead innovations, many in reactivity and hydration (or the lack thereof). For example, Svelte took on simplicity in developer ergonomics and leaned into the compiler. Solid’s explored new approaches to reactivity, while Qwik shifted our mental model with resumability.

Innovation is also exciting to see in multi-platform solutions like Tauri, Ionic and Flutter, which opens the door to see applications that span across even more platforms.

We see globally distributed talent- like Nigeria and now India having the highest developer growth on GitHub. Around the world, there are amazing projects like Segun Adebayo's Chakra UI, or Liyas Thomas's Hoppscotch, and folks supporting other people’s growth and learning like Ada Nduka Oyom who founded SheCodeAfrica, a non-profit organization that has helped empower over 17K women across Africa.

When we look at established frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue we often see a drop in satisfaction, and people may wonder what it means for the future. I believe that this decline is a function of the tool being battle-tested and used in production, of finding the rough edges and experiencing the trade-offs every tool has. It’s a sign of maturity and clear-eyed appreciation for what these tools can offer. They will also learn from innovation in the space and continue to evolve.

Finally, I couldn’t be happier to see Vite’s absolute resounding presence in the award section for the second year in a row. Build and serve tech is truly making massive strides and we all benefit from this hard work. Bravo!